About Us

Welcome to the Family!

In today’s world everyone wants to stand out and be different. That is why we chose a bird that can’t fly and is faster than any other two legged land animal to represent our brand. We want to stand out as a brand that helps people find what they love to do and bring excitement into even the most mundane days. Whether you are golfing, grilling out, or at the gym, our products bring an unmatched comfort and versatility. This brand was founded on our family values and the southern charm here in Nashville.


Our Favorite Activities:

Working Out


Behind King of Sting

I fell in love with the game of golf a little later than most professional golfers. I truly loved competing and testing my game against some of the best in the world. During that time, I began to share my journey through social media and fell in love with creating content. Due to my growing passion for social media, I shifted my focus to inspire every skill level of golfer through my enthusiasm for the game. Golf is an incredible sport that is very unique in that you can start as a toddler and play the rest of your life. My personal goal with OSTRCH is to help establish content creators across the golf and sports community as well as support professional golfers who are grinding it out on the mini tours. I have also been known to send a stinger or two!

-Zac Radford